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Update Log #1 - 20/07/2020

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Update Log #1 - 20/07/2020 

Thanks to everyone that suggested on forums and in game, we are really happy to announce a few updates and more to come!

1. Slayer helm price increased from 4k to 8k


2. Added Abyssal head / Kq head / Kbd head drops into respective bosses & npcs drop tables (Abbysal demons / Kalphite Queen / King black dragon)


3. These heads can be used respectively on slayer helms to get a version (i) imbued + re-colour your slayer helm


4. New items added into blood money shop & untradeables shop. Neitiznot faceguard (80k) & Ferocious gloves (Untradeables - 120k)


5. Re-painted wilderness agressive zone, making it clear where the last step before entering wilderness is.


6. You'll notice some Npc and shop changes around, hope you like them!

New event npc: 6d44500cffd2cb7659d5ea2afe1c3f58.pngOld event npc: image.png

7. Started the re-design process for our home to make it more instant-pk like.

8. Increased price on double xp (30 mins) lamps. From 30 to 75 vote tickets.


9. Changed visuals on dragon hunter crossbow like the real one.


10. Added a new magic shop. You can get magic weapons, armour and runes for free!


11. World even tournaments are now eligieble for more than 4 players! [used to be 8]


Other updates:

Client update: faster cache download

Removed stalls from home mini-skilling area for future remodelating.

Fixed an important safespot located at Corporeal Beast

Added some touches on minimap and ingame directions.

Nerfed dragons at the donator dungeon to drop less ammount of BM per hour, still one of the best money makers.



Regards, IPK team.


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