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Update Log #2 - 27/07/2020

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Small Update Log #2 - 27/07/2020 

1. Added pvp armours to multi revenant caves


2. Added morrigan's weapons to single revenants 


3. Balanced multi revenants drop tables


4. Removed items from the blood money shop. These items will be dropped respectively


Demonic gorillas:8c3572ef3178b863a2bbbf5992acfd0f.png

Zulrah: 953d91a94874019eec49b665ed951537.png


Other updates:

Balanced single revenant drop tables.

Balanced drop tables from: Vorkath - Zulrah - Corporeal beast.

Plenty of items made unable to sell to shop to balance the blood money coming into game.

Buffed twisted bow price from 900k to 3m blood money.



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